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Education and Neighborhoods Committee Report

The full report from Tuesday’s Education and Neighborhoods Committee:

Recommendations for Council action; as initiated by Motion (Smith – Rosendahl)

1. OPPOSE Smith-Rosendahl motion relative to a proposed ordinance removing the City Clerk from the NC election process.

2. DIRECT the City Clerk to identify potential cost saving activities that may reduce the $1.5 million remaining to conduct the 2010 NC Elections and report back to Education & Neighborhoods Committee; further, direct that any realized savings at the end of the elections be returned to the General Fund.

3. REQUEST Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, Chief Legislative Analyst, and City Clerk in consultation with the City Attorney, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, and NCs to report back in 120 days to the Education & Neighborhoods Committee on a framework that will allow NCs to run their own elections in 2012, to include basic election procedures.

Fiscal Impact Statement: Neither the CAO nor the CLA has completed a financial analysis of this report.

Community Impact Statement: None submitted.


At its meeting of February 23, 2010, the Education and Neighborhoods Committee considered the Motion (Smith – Rosendahl) relative to canceling the process for City Clerk to conduct the Neighborhood Council elections.

After providing the opportunity for public comment, presentations by the affected departments, and consideration of available information before it, the Education and Neighborhoods Committee recommended approval of the recommendations as contained in the recommendation section of this report. This matter is now forwarded to the Council for its consideration.

Respectfully submitted,
Education and Neighborhoods Committee


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