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4:50: Krekorian: “We are adjourned on time and under budget.” Gavel bangs and we will see you next week!

4:40: Discussion on other issues continue, but today’s main topic has been dealt with. Analysis to come, but we want to know your thoughts. Are you pleased with today’s action?

4:36: Krekorian, with second by Zine, moves that City Clerk, not remove the clerk from this election cycle. Also moves that if there is any cost savings, they be returned to general fund. Third part of same motion instructs DONE, CLA, City Clerk with city attorney, BONC and NCs report back to the ENC committee in 120 days of potential framework for NCs to run own elections in 2012. Applause breaks out in conference room as a happy group of NC members begin to file out of room.

*4:30: Krekorian announces that next week, the Education and Neighborhoods Committee, will deal with the proposed transfer of DONE into the Community Development Dept. Community invited to attend and offer comment. Details on where the meeting will be held, if not in room 1050, to be announced soon.

4:21: Al Abrams, of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC), is here. BONC just completed a two-hour meeting and passed a motion to oppose any stopping of city clerk-managed elections and “enthusiastically” support elections until completion, he said.

4:15: A little color: NC members from across L.A. are here in this conference room on the 10th floor of City Hall. There are about 30 people here and, as might be expected, general tenor from NCs so far is, If you’re going to cut funding for elections, please don’t do it now.

4:13: Barry Johnson, Studio City NC: In less than 10 years, NCs have become a vital service to community members. “I really don’t want to see them cut,” he says.

4:12: Glenn Bailey of Encino NC starts, says we run our elections efficiently and without much need for city staff. Says city can save by using volunteers, which they have done to help run elections.

4:11: Public comment, the process by which speakers can chime in on this issue, set to begin.

4:10: If no city agency were to oversee NC elections, no one would be in power to resolve disputes.

4:06: DONE GM Kim: We’d require 2-3 full time staff members and $250,000 to pay for costs of administering elections if we were to take over. Leaving NC to do elections on their own “is not something I would recommend,” Kim says.

4:04: Clerk Lagmay: Savings would be $600k to a million dollars if current election process was scrubbed of city responsibility.

4:01: Krekorian: “That’s an important point.” He continues to delve into mechanics of what it means to change course with city atty saying the city does not exactly know specifics but it could be messy.

4 p.m.: In light of Zine’s stated opinion, we may be able to shorten this meeting. Krekorian wants to be sure we are within our legal parameters, though. City attorney’s office is asked about option of repealing existing ordinance (to change course) and/or City Council also coming up with more ordinances to govern NC elections.

Asst City Attorney says that “Repealing the ordinance is not something, in my mind, that can be done immediately. Because we accommodate a system where clerk is administering elections, we provide mechanism in NC bylaws that accommodates structure.” In other words, NCs would have to start from scratch if current system were scrubbed.

3:57: Zine: “I know how much anxiety and concern there is in community who want to see [elections continue]. I’ve made up my mind to continue with this cycle. I don’t know any other option besides staying the course we are on. I’m committed to leave it as it is.”

3:54: CM Zine, vice-chair of charter committee, if we scrub elections, “It turns into more of a comedy act than what it needs to be, which is a serious empowerment of communities. There aren’t any other options.”

3:46: Kim: Clerk took over in 2007 and change in DONE staffing level includes four people to oversee elections and $400,000 in operating expenses used to pay for outreach and cost of transferring operations to clerk.

Under current schedule, Tuesday, March 2, is first NC election and June 26 is last.

3:43: BH Kim, General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), said NC elections had become unworkable. Says that’s why Clerk took over elections.

3:40: Lagmay gives a short history of NC elections.

3:30: With a crowded room of NC members, city leaders and others, we are ready to begin the latest round of discussions on the future of NC. Today’s talk will mainly center on an in-depth chat of NC elections. Councilmember (CM) Paul Krekorian, flanked by CM Dennis Zine, welcomes the crowd, lays out the agenda and calls City Clerk June Lagmay to speak.


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  1. The City Clerk taking on NC elections came out of a great deal of discussion and recommendation by the Neighborhood Council Review Commission (NCRC) because “the City Clerk is in the business of running elections” [emphasis added]. This was heavily discussed as a way to streamline and share staff and resources that already exist during the “off season” for the City Clerk’s office. NCs would be on their own as to outreach, as it later turned out, due to earlier budget cuts.

    Comment by Cindy Cleghorn | February 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank you for setting up this blog, it is a great way to follow the meetings. I applaud your decision on the NC elections. Now is not the time to micromanage this.

    Comment by Scott Bytof | February 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. I support the committee’s resolution. Did anyone from the City Council attend besides Paul Krekorian and Dennis Zine?

    Comment by Dan Brin | February 24, 2010 | Reply

    • No. Councilmember Janice Hahn, who also serves on the committee, was excused from the hearing.

      Comment by cd2policy | February 24, 2010 | Reply

      • Well, we have at least two votes for sanity. Thank you, Paul and Dennis, for taking a stand.

        Comment by Dan Brin | February 24, 2010

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