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Take Action! Urge the Governor to Sign Anti-Mobile Billboard Law

On March 30, Councilmember Paul Krekorian introduced a motion, with the councilmember from district two, to ban trailer-based mobile billboards throughout Los Angeles. These increasingly common annoyances are unsightly, take up much-needed parking and can even endanger public safety.

Call the Governor and tell him to sign AB 2756

Now, state legislation authored by Assemblymembers Bob Blumenfield and Mike Feuer would assist cities throughout California in eliminating this mobile blight. Their legislation, Assembly Bill 2756, passed the State Legislature and is on the Governor’s desk.

It is important for all of us to let the governor know how we feel about mobile billboards. Please call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today at (916) 445-2841 and kindly urge him to sign AB 2756. You can also email him by clicking here.

Councilmember Krekorian personally took the opportunity to tell the Governor about why this issue is so important and our efforts to curb mobile billboards.

In his letter, Councilmember Krekorian said, in part:

“In the San Fernando Valley, mobile billboards have exploded in popularity recently, to the great annoyance of outraged residents and business owners. We have seen many of these pesky trailers blown over into traffic lanes, endangering drivers. Business owners have complained that they take up valuable parking spaces. Cyclists have reported that they cut down on bike lanes, forcing riders to veer dangerously into traffic.

Governor, we need your help.”

To read the rest of his letter, see below…

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