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Neighborhood Empowerment Town Hall Report

Results of the Neighborhood Empowerment Town Hall Survey:

On Sunday, Sept. 19, Councilmember Paul Krekorian hosted a workshop to build a foundation for the future of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, which oversees the city’s 92 neighborhood councils. During the four-hour session, respondents were asked to offer their feedback about the town hall and how the next workshop – planned for October at USC (a specific date will be released soon) – can improve.

Respondents rated the workshop via a series of five questions from 1 – the lowest rating – to 5 – the highest. According to the survey, the workshop proved exceedingly beneficial as exemplified by the answers below:

  • More than half – 51% – rated the workshop a 5, with one going above and beyond by rating the overall event a 6.
  • The overwhelming majority – 79% – rated the workshop either a 4 or 5;
  • The average rating of the entire event was 4.2;
  • The highest rated question, asking if people felt they were able to effectively communicate, received an average rating of 4.39;
  • The lowest rated question, asking if respondents believe the information gathered will be used effectively, received an average rating of 4.02;
  • Asked about their overall impression of the event, respondents offered an average rating of 4.18;
  • The highest rated response – 33 people rated it a 5 – was the question asking if respondents would encourage others to attend our next town hall.

The questions and videos from the workshop’s presenters below the fold:

The survey asked:

1) Overall, how would you rate the organization and format of the event?
Average rating: 4.18

2) Were the breakout sessions organized and were the facilitators and note-takers effective?
Average rating: 4.04

3) Do you feel you were able to effectively communication your feelings/opinions in this setting?
Average rating: 4.39

4) Do you think the information gathered today will help the City Council and Mayor create a more effective and balanced department for neighborhood councils?
Average rating: 4.02

5) Would you encourage your friends/colleagues who did not attend this town hall to attend future ones?
Average rating: 4.37

Al Abrams, president of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners:

Greg Nelson, former GM of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment:

Members of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils:

Dr. Daniel Wisman, Member of the West Hills Neighborhood Councils:

Also, check out remarks from Bong Hwan Kim, general manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.


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