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Motion Calls for Greater Scrutiny of DWP Investigation

In late October, the L.A. Times reported that:

Criminal charges were filed Thursday against two employees of the Department of Water and Power, accusing them of setting up a scheme to defraud the utility using the agency’s corporate credit cards.

The two men are accused of using about a dozen DWP “P-cards,” or purchasing cards, to buy at least $3 million in products on the utility’s behalf between July 2003 and December 2009. They allegedly bought goods at an inflated price and pocketed the difference

Less than a week later, the L.A. City Council sought to ensure the ensuring DWP investigation does not fall into the black hole of bureaucracy. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010, the council introduced a motion that calls on the DWP to report back to city officials on the status of its investigation. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Paul Krekorian and brought forward by Councilmembers Bernard Parks and Jan Perry.

The motion will next be heard in the Energy and Environment Committee before it makes its way back to the council for a vote. Read a scanned copy of the original motion below the jump.
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City Receives Slight Boost from Council Funds

On April 14, 2010, councilmembers Bernard Parks and Paul Krekorian led the charge in the City Council when they pushed to transfer nearly $4.5 million in council funds to L.A.’s General Fund. The motion was part of a series of steps each council district is taking to share in the sacrifice of this recessionary period to balance Los Angeles’ budget.

As noted, in addition to the $455,140 in CD2 funds due to be transfered, Councilmember Krekorian is also in the process of transferring $340,860 to the general fund. In total, $800,000 in funds alloted to CD2 – money that had been reserved for specific projects in our district – will now be used to ease the heavy fiscal burden under which Los Angeles sits right now.

(Note that the reference to AB 1290 refers to a 1993 Assembly Bill that reformed the process by which city’s can apply for redevelopment funds. More info on that can be found here.)

The motion, which was passed without dissent, reads, in part:

I MOVE that the matter of the communication from the City Administrative Officer on the Fourth Financial Status Report for Fiscal Year 2009-10 and the Budget and Finance Committee report relative to the Fourth Financial Status Report for Fiscal Year 2009-10, Item 3 on today’s Council Agenda (C.F. 09-0600-S203), be AMENDED by substituting Recommendation 4 of the Budget and Finance Committee report with the following:

4. INSTRUCT the Community Redevelopment Agency (Agency) Chief Executive Officer, or designee, with regard to the use of Assembly Bill CAB) 1290 funds as part of the $12 million transfer in Council Funds pursuant to Council File 09-0853, to:

a. TRANSFER $4,497,382.72 in available AB1290 funds to the City’s General Fund. The funds will come from the project areas within the following Council Districts, to be determined by the Councilmember. (After the transfer amount is incorporated into the City’s General Fund, the AB1290 funds will not be transferred back to the Agency)

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