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Elections Discussion Tomorrow

Thank you for your insightful and instructive comments about the future of Neighborhood Council elections. Tomorrow, the Education and Neighborhoods Committee, led by Councilman Paul Krekorian, is slated to take up the matter of NC elections. The agenda has been posted and can be read here (pdf). The meeting will take place in City Hall’s room 1050 at 3:30 p.m. Per usual, we will update this site with near-real time information and recap the day’s events after the meeting.


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  1. Education and Neighborhood Committee Members,

    As you take up the Neighborhood Council elections issue, I am hoping that you can consider the following questions as part of your deliberation:

    1) What is the purpose of removing the Neighborhood Council elections from the City Clerk’s office at this point? Is the quality of the election process a consideration?

    2) If the purpose is to save money, what prevents the City Clerk from making the same cost savings that any other entity running the elections would make?

    3) If money is saved by moving election responsibility, has a specific use of this savings been allocated?

    4) With short notice of a change in process, and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment in transition, will necessary resources be accessible for NC’s? For instance, currently Neighborhood Council funds have been frozen, will they be able to access funds needed to insure that all outreach is completed according to the law (translation services, printing etc.)? Even if funds are available, will transition staff be motivated to provide timely support?

    5) If responsibility for the elections is changed, or the elections cancelled, could the city be susceptible to warranted or unwarranted lawsuits or grievances over the process? Are costs associated with these issues allocated in the general fund?

    6) What is the value of any loss of credibility due to the disruption or cancellation of Neighborhood Council elections? Is there a risk of creating unease at a time when the city needs to have the confidence of its citizens?

    There are many individuals that believe that the election process was more efficient before the City Clerk took over, and changes should be considered for the future, however, elections are currently underway now. After spending a disproportionate amount of time on the Department of Neighborhoods already, are the risks surrounding this decision worth pursuing when one considers that less than 1% of the current deficit (and .1% of the overall budget) is at stake here, and the fiscal and social impact of the decision could outweigh any savings?

    Thank you for the opportunity to pose these discussion points.

    Comment by Scott Bytof | February 23, 2010 | Reply

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