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Neighborhood Council Elections…What Do You Think?

On Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010, a motion was introduced regarding Neighborhood Council elections. The motion would change the way NC elections are administered by removing the City Clerk as the sole administrator of its elections and placing them back into the hands of NCs and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. That same motion also included a sweep of unspent funds to the city’s emergency Reserve Fund.

Originally, $1.9 million was allocated to the City Clerk to conduct these elections, of which about $400,000 has already been spent.

Councilmember Paul Krekorian, chair of the Education and Neighborhood Committee, was successful in sending the motion back to his committee for further review to ensure greater discussion. The motion will be heard in committee on Feb. 23, and a recommendation will be presented to the City Council on Feb. 24.

Currently, the CLA, CAO, DONE, and City Clerk are analyzing whether repealing this policy will realize any savings along with what the policy impacts will be for residents, NCs, and the future of neighborhood empowerment.

What do you think?


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  1. With the City Clerk running elections, it would free up resources for the neighborhood councils. Instead of spending time, money and debate on them, councilmembers could devote those resources to what the city charter asks them to do.

    Comment by Zach Behrens | February 19, 2010 | Reply

    • No it would not free up resorces for the Neighborhood Councils.

      Comment by Aaron DeVandry | February 20, 2010 | Reply

      • In my experience, it would. Our NC had five people, a quarter of council, who devoted a lot of time and resources to making our elections happen. All that work would have been better spent working on neighborhood issues, not meta issues.

        Comment by Zach Behrens | February 20, 2010

  2. I’m surprised it took this long for people to figure out that 2 million dollars for the NC elections was too expensive. That’s more than the CAO recommended for the entire funding budget of all NCs combined!!! Was there a problem with the NCs conducting their own elections previously? (not to my knowledge). Those elections cost under $10,000 total.

    Comment by Aaron DeVandry | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. The single greatest opportunity for NC outreach was the election process. Those who embraced the elections and went after candidates ended up promoting the NC system, the specific NC and their programs/opportunities, engaged voters, collected contact information and drew them into the NC family…in other words, stuff that should already be happening.

    City Clerk elections are abstract and the NC is now responsible for outreach (DONE used to fund it, no more) so why does it cost so much more for the CC elections? Are they more effective in engaging great candidates? Do they engage more voters? Do they promote the NC system or the specific NC?

    It’s a rough discussion to be having mid-stream but never dismiss the simple fact that elections shouldn’t be so complicated and mysterious and expensive.

    Comment by SoapBoxLA | February 20, 2010 | Reply

  4. NCs handled their own election from their inception until the City Clerk took them over last year. Were there some problems back then… yes, minor ones in isolated situation across the 90 NCs. We are now on the verge (less than 40 days in our case) of the City Clerk run elections actually occurring. Whatever is determined for the future, it would be ridiculous and disastrous not to have those elections go forward as planned. Imagine the States announcing they were pulling out of presidential elections less than 2 months prior. Chaos would (and should) ensue. Elections can surely be executed for less cash than the City Clerk planned on spending. That said, these elections must take place to protect the validity of NCs… and of city government in the City of Los Angeles.

    Comment by Dan McManus | February 21, 2010 | Reply

  5. They say, be careful what you wish for.. having been a poll worker at city,county,state and presidentual elections for over 20 years, it made sense that I volunteered for the NC’s elections.
    The elections were well staffed with professionalsi; Stephen Box and other experienced poll workers. It was a smooth running operation.

    Then one day a NC decided that it was boring and done or city clerk should do it.They wanted to work on their speech or their projects, they became lazy! However it snow balled next thing we know it was voted by nc’s to outsource our elections.

    Mr Kirkorian it is our obligation to outreach to the folks in our community to get out and vote.
    I am opposed to the City Clerk in charge our elections.

    The fact that my canidate statement arrived at 6pm, an hour late and the city clerk rejected it. This troubles me because she did not even allow for an excused reason.

    This would not have happened to me if the NC’s were in charge.

    Did the City Clerk reject the applicantions of possible canidates?

    Lastly persons argue that we need to be governed with our elections because it avoids corruption among us.
    I can only offer this comment” people JUDGE by the way they live” furthermore they have to come to the realization that we are not without skills or education.
    I pray you help give us back our elections, that will save the city money!

    Comment by Yvonne Dipre' | February 21, 2010 | Reply

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