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A New Day Forward? [Update]

We are close to starting today’s council meeting that could pave the way for the future of how neighborhood councils [NCs] operate. I will have regular updates here as the meeting progresses.

And we are off:

10:22 a.m.: All five NC items have been called “Special” by Councilman Bernard Parks, opening them for further discussion.

10:24: Councilman Paul Krekorian set to take all matters up at the same to move the meeting along quickly. Issues include unspent NC funds, potential change to how NCs can spend money and reduction in annual allocation to NCs. Discussion set to ensue.

10:30: As Councilman Krekorian, chair of the Education and Neighborhoods Committee, rolls through each of the five agenda items.

10:34: Public comment, the process by which residents are allowed to address the council, is set to begin. Speakers begin to queue.

10:49: Public comment is over. Discussion from council members set to begin with Council President Eric Garcetti touting the “tremendous” impact NCs have made.

Quick city glossary:
FSR = Financial Status Report
CM = Councilmember
CAO = Chief Administrative Officer
CLA = Chief Legislative Analyst
DONE = Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
BONC = Board of Neighborhood Councils
NC = Neighborhood Councils

In case you are wondering, the council went into closed session to talk about the city’s financial report. They will be back to continue discussions on neighborhood empowerment.

1:38: The council is back after its closed-door meeting. They will begin deliberating soon.

Update: The council today approved all five NC motions with one slight modification: That the $1.61 million allotted for NCs will be transferred to the city’s reserve funds in three installments, starting about March 10. Every 20 days, one-third of the funds will be moved to the reserve fund by April 20, when the budget is due.


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  1. Councilman Reyes is asking about NCs in lower-income neighborhoods, and if they have a greater need for more funds. I disagree with his assessment. The funds are meant for outreach to the community, which should be similar for all NCs across the board.

    Comment by Aaron DeVandry | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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